The Griffin Sandbox

This page will guide you through signing up for the Griffin Sandbox, creating an API key and making your first requests to the API.

The Griffin sandbox allows you to register an account and start using our API straight away. We do not apply any constraints on who can sign up for a sandbox account.

Simply go to to register.

Once you are logged in, click Developers in order to create an API key. The API key will only be shown to you once; if you lose it, you'll need to log in and create another.


There is currently no limit on the number of API keys you can create. We recommend you give the API key a memorable name depending on the purpose you are using it for.

For the purposes of the document, the API key will be referred to as $API_KEY in the following requests. You can replace this with your own API key.

The first step should be to check that you can connect to the API. The index resource provides a quick way to validate this.

Note that the API key is provided in the Authorization header, and the Accept header must be set to application/json.

curl -H "Authorization: GriffinAPIKey $API_KEY" -H 'Accept: application/json' ""

If that is successful, you will be returned the following:

  "organizations-url": "/organizations",
  "session-url": "/session",
  "users-url": "/users"