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Create a legal person

All bank accounts must be assigned a legal person, so this is an essential preliminary step before the Create a Bank Account guide.


N.B. Your organization account with Griffin will already have a legal person assigned on signup. Legal persons only need to be created to represent your customers.

Within Griffin, we categorise a legal person as either an individual or a corporation. An individual being a person and corporations representing any group of persons - not just companies, but entities such as charities too.

They share many of the same characteristics and are largely treated the same. But we are obliged to carry out verification checks to both individuals and corporations. Individuals and corporations differ largely in what checks are required for each and that a corporation can have individuals attached, i.e. the directors for a company.


The below documentation assumes you know your API key and organization ID. These are referred to as $GRIFFIN_API_KEY and $ORGANIZATION_ID in code samples. If you don't have your organization ID available, refer to Get started with the API

Firstly, you only need a name to create a customer. Verifying the customer's details comes after. The below creates an individual:

curl '$ORGANIZATION_ID/legal-persons' \
-X 'POST' \
-H "Authorization: GriffinAPIKey $GRIFFIN_API_KEY" \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-binary '{"legal-person-type":"individual","display-name":"My Customer"}'

With the response:

"legal-person-type": "individual",
"bank-product-types-url": "/v0/legal-persons/lp.Usy-EabcWQqK-2FuiCrIfA/bank/product-types",
"display-name": "My Customer",
"claim-contact-details-url": "/v0/individuals/lp.Usy-EabcWQqK-2FuiCrIfA/contact-details",
"claim-identity-url": "/v0/individuals/lp.Usy-EabcWQqK-2FuiCrIfA/identity",
"legal-person-claims-url": "/v0/legal-persons/lp.Usy-EabcWQqK-2FuiCrIfA/claims",
"claim-residence-url": "/v0/individuals/lp.Usy-EabcWQqK-2FuiCrIfA/residence"